To achieve the objective of obtaining a more attractive benefits program, Stockbridge Resources recommends the adoption of a multi-phased approach to design and implement a new program. A multi-step process ensures that corporate objectives have been met, beginning with:

Evaluation  -  Measuring the effectiveness of your current program, plan design, and associated costs.

Needs Assessment  - Determining exactly what program and benefit design is appropriate for your organization.

Innovation  - Developing cost-effective solutions that meet corporate objectives while maintaining the high standards expected by you and your employees.  

Cost Containment Strategies are employed to design plans where the costs will not “spiral” out of control.

Funding arrangements are evaluated ranging from fully-insured, pooled, or experience-rated plans to full or partial self-insurance, depending on your organization’s needs and appetite for risk assumption.  

Negotiating on your behalf is both an “art” and a “science”.  We take pride in our ability to take an analytical approach in addressing underwriter concerns while at the same time, leveraging our purchasing power.  


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